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We’re so excited that we are sending out our first church planter from Connection Church Dublin. Meet Stanley and Dawn Lane. Several years ago Stanley felt the call to leave his job and go into full time vocational ministry specifically to plant a church. He is currently in our church planting residency which lasts 9 months with the goal of planting some time in the fall of 2023. ​​

Want to get involved?

There are 3 specific ways you can do that.



Here at Connection we are crazy passionate about developing multiplying leaders and planting churches! We are apart of the Connection Network which is a family of churches partnering together to plant more churches. Our Network consists of 5 priorities for our churches:

  • Gospel Centered

  • Bible Rooted

  • Mission Driven

  • Spirit Led

  • Real and Authentic

  1. ​​​Pray - We believe prayer is what really drives the church and aligns our heart with God’s heart, which is to make disciples to the ends of the earth. We believe this happens through church planting. Would you pray for the Lane family and pray for this church to reach people.

  2. Give - Church planting requires a lot of up front costs to get it off the ground successfully. We believe giving toward God’s mission is a way to help further the Kingdom. Click HERE to give!

  3. Go - We don’t want to hoard people, but we are passionate about sending people. We believe the success of a church isn’t measured by seating capacity but rather by sending capacity! We would love to know if you’re interested in being apart of this church.



As our church continues to grow our elders have prayed and sought the Lord about our next steps and God has made it clear that it’s our time to move to a permanent facility. We’ve decided to purchase and renovate the warehouse facility located on East Madison Street in Downtown Dublin that will serve our growing needs. We average anywhere from 525 to 575 people every Sunday including anywhere from 150 to 175 Konnection Kids and we have simply run out of room at the Theatre and our kids facilities.

This facility will provide a fun, safe and inviting environment for our children to encounter the love of Jesus that will be large enough to facilitate our growing needs. This facility will also serve as a place where adults can gather to encounter the love of Jesus through worship, preaching and connecting to the body of Christ.




The GeneroCity Initiative is all about us increasing our generosity to continue to be a generous blessing to our community. As we’ve shared many times, the church is not a building, but a people formed by the Gospel and living on mission. That’s why we want to keep the main thing the main thing by investing 10% of everything that’s raised back through the GeneroCity Initiative back into the community, specifically focusing on fostering and adoption family ministries like ABC Women's Clinic and Families 4 Families. 

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