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“The Light Has Come"

[Week 5]

1 John 2:18-27


As for you, the anointing you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. But as his anointing teaches you about all things and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit—

just as it has taught you, remain in him.


1 John 2:27

The Big Idea

Our relationship with God is a real, authentic relationship that is not counterfeit. This relationship requires us to REMAIN in Him.

John began this letter writing about Jesus and who He is. He wrote, “He is light,” and that this light is how we are to live eternally in heaven. Then he wrote about love and what love looks like. This is important in describing who Jesus is and how we are to live as followers of Jesus because Jesus is love. Then last week we talked about how John took a short detour in his writing to give believers the reason for writing this letter. He wrote to the children, the fathers, and the young men; saying he writes to them because they know who Jesus is and has accepted Him as their Lord and Savior. So John makes it clear that this letter is written to believers. 


John really focuses in this week’s passage on what it means to be an authentic child of God.

VS 18-19

John begins this passage by saying we are in the last hour and that many antichrists are coming. Much of this passage is dedicated to describing what the antichrists will look like and how to discern whether they are truly following Jesus. In verse 18, John writes that many antichrists have already come, and that this is how we know we are in the last hour. Verse 19 begins describing what these antichrists will look like. He says they went out from the church because they never really belonged to the church. He then writes that them leaving the church is how we know they never really belonged to the church. Because if they did belong to the church, they would have remind with us. So we see right off the bat that the antichrists are those that leave the church. And not just a church, but the church. So these people are not with any body of believers. And this is because for us to grow in our relationship with God, we are to grow in our relationship with His people. We need the church for fellowship, encouragement, accountability, growth, and discipleship. So those not in the church that claim to be followers of Christ are essentially counterfeit christians. 

Discussion Questions:

  1. How often are you in fellowship with a body of believers? If you are not often in the church, do you have a desire to go to church?

  2. Do you know anyone who is a counterfeit christian? If so, how can you bring them to truly know Christ?

VS 15-17

John then writes again that this letter is intended for believers. He writes that this is intended for those who “know the truth”. He then says that no lie comes from the truth, and that those who deny Jesus as Christ are liars. He says those who deny Jesus as Christ are the antichrists. He then writes in verse 24 that the Word is to REMAIN in them, and if they do, they will REMAIN in the Son and the Father. And this is eternal life. So we are faithful and obedient to God through our Christian lives by remaining in the Word. 

John writes in verse 26 that he writes these things because there are those who are trying to lead them astray. So he is trying to show them who these people are and how to be faithful through it by remaining in Jesus. There are false teachers out there. It is important that we remain in the Word so we are able to discern if what people are saying to us is true or a lie. Because the antichrists are not going to be obvious. They could be your best friend. So it is important that we are not deceived by them by knowing God’s Word. In verse 27, John writes that we do not need to primarily rely on man to show us truth in our Christian life, but that we should rely on the anointing we have received from God. This is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit cannot be a counterfeit Christian. We should allow the Holy Spirit to discern the truth in the Word and no rely primarily on man to give us this truth. Because anyone could be an antichrist. This is not to say that man cannot teach and lead us, but we should be in the Word so that we know who those people are to be in our lives. 


So we should REMAIN in the Word, so that we may REMAIN in Jesus.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How often are you reading the Bible in your daily life?

  2. Do you feel that you are able to discern truth? If not, do you know how you are to discern truth?

  3. How are you growing spiritually? What steps have you taken?

 Important Announcements:

  • Session 1 of Heart and Soul will start at 4pm on Nov. 13th.

  • Session 1 of Connect Group Leader Training will be at 2pm on Nov. 13th.

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