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“The Light Has Come"

[Week 1]

1 John 1:1-4

The Big Idea

 Jesus is real life to be experienced and shared with others

VS 1-4

First John is a letter written by the apostle John. The letter was written to many small home churches that had been persecuted and scattered. The main problem confronting the church at this time was their declining commitment.  Many believers were conforming to the world's standards and failing to follow Christ wholeheartedly. Many false teachers were preaching false doctrines which was causing the church to slide away from the Christian faith. John wrote this letter to put believers back on track, to show the difference between light and darkness, and to encourage the church to grow in genuine love for God and for one another.  However, the main purpose of the letter was to assure true believers of their salvation. 

John calls himself in the gospel of John, “The one that Jesus loved.” John was one of Jesus’ closest disciples and had a special relationship with Jesus.  He lived and traveled with Jesus and had physical contact with Jesus for several years.  John not only had contact with Jesus, he was there when Jesus was crucified and saw Him die.   John not only saw Jesus die, he saw Jesus come back to life.  In the gospel of John, he tells us that he actually went into the tomb that Jesus was laid in and saw that it was empty.  He even goes so far as to tell us that he outran Peter (another one of Jesus’ closest disciples) to the tomb.  Because of his experience with the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, he felt an obligation and a responsibility to tell others about Him and what He did.

Psalm 34:8 says “Taste and see that the Lord is Good.” This is exactly what John is saying in the beginning of this letter.  He is saying he has tasted and seen Jesus, and he wants you and others to taste and see as well. 

Discussion Questions:

  1. How have you experienced (tasted and seen) Jesus in your own life?

  2. What are some ways that we can experience Jesus today?

    • Reading and memorizing scripture.  How much time do you spend doing this?

    • Praying. How much time do you spend doing this?

    • Fellowship with other believers. 

  3. Obeying.  What is your next step?

  4.  How does your experience with Jesus motivate you to share the Gospel with others? 

  5.  Who is someone you can share the Gospel with?

 Important Announcements:

  1. Heart and Soul Session 1 of 4 started 10/9/22 at 4pm. Makeup session for session 1 will be 10/16/22 Sunday at 3pm in the museum. 

  2. Fall Fellowship will be on 10/30/22 5pm-7pm at the market on Madison.  It will be a great time to bring a friend to join us!

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