MARK 14: 32-42

Verse of the Week

“Abba, Father, he said, everything is possible for you. Take this cup from me. Yet not what I will but what You will. [Mark: 14:32-42]

Big Picture

Jesus has finished eating dinner with his disciples. The fellowship is over, now it was time to go and do what had to be done. Then Jesus goes to find a solitary place to pray. He goes to the garden of Gethsemane in the location where they would crush the olives in order to get the oil. This oil would have various uses including healing. It’s an important detail because it’s symbolic of what Jesus is preparing to do. He’s about to be crushed and his blood poured out for the salvation of man. By his wounds, we will be healed. Taking the disciples with him. As always, he’s teaching and training his disciples, but also in his humanity I doubt he wanted to be alone on the night he was to be arrested.

Main Points

  1. Jesus Prayed in Response to Suffering
    Jesus experienced worry, anxiety, fear, and grief. Jesus went into the garden to pray but he didn’t go alone; he took two people with him. Isolation is a great work of the enemy. He wanted to take people with him. He no doubt was still teaching them, but I believe in Jesus’ humanity. He needed them. Jesus was blamed for everything. “Jesus’ spiritual horror was far worse than the physical horror”. Look to Jesus in your suffering. He sees you in your suffering, he feels you in your suffering and desires to walk with you in the middle of it.

  2. Jesus Trusted God Through His Suffering
    If you’ve ever been in a season of real suffering, the temptation is just to pray to be out of it. In suffering, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. In the valleys, it never seems that we can see the mountain. The valleys are often preparation for the mountain. Sufferings are a means to get us to the mountains. Hebrews 5: 8-9 talking about Jesus says, “although he was a son, he learned obedience from what he suffered and once made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation to all who obey him.” We learn obedience from our sufferings. Faithfulness to the Lord in our valleys of hardship and suffering prepares our hearts and eyes to see God’s blessings on our mountaintops rightly. God doesn’t waste our suffering. He uses our suffering to grow our faith, and further His will and Glory.

  3. Jesus Prayed and God Gave Him Strength
    Jesus was praying and receiving strength to keep going. Jesus was showing His disciples that strength comes from humble surrender before God in prayer for His will. If we are not praying we are depending way too much on our own ability. Spiritually we are either awake through prayer and submission to God’s will or we are spiritually asleep. Satan wants to lull us to sleep. He knows he doesn’t have to get us to do some terrible thing. All he has to do is put us to sleep in our comfortable life and circumstances. A praying church is a powerful church. Strength doesn’t come from your own ability or your current circumstance. Strength comes from prayer. Strength comes from being filled with the Spirit. Strength comes from submission to God. Strength comes from killing the flesh. Pray to God for strength to overcome temptation. Temptation to sin. Temptation to quit.

Question Bank

  1. How has your week been spiritually? / What is God teaching you?

  2. Talk about what this passage means to you. What are your thoughts after reading this?

  3. How can you grow in your prayer life this week?

  4. What is your next step in your faith?

  5. Who specifically can you have a gospel conversation with before connect group next week?

Question for Personal Accountability

  1. Do I pray when the day is good?

  2. Do I pray when I know it may be a bad day?

  3. Do I pray after a good day?

  4. Do I pray after a bad day?

  5. Do I pray when I don’t know what to do?

Prayer is crucial in the life of a believer.  Paul says to the church in Ephesus in Ephesians 6:18, “And pray in the spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayer requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.”